GM Network Whitepaper

GM Network: The First AVS L2 for AI-Powered Consumer DePIN



GM Network, developed by GM Labs, is an AVS Layer 2 for AI-Powered Consumer DePIN, built with AltLayer and EigenLayer.

Today, the fourth industrial revolution, spurred by AI, has had a significant impact on almost every industry, with DePIN being a crucial part. We firmly believe that DePIN will become the greatest oracle for AI, continuously generating real-world data through electric vehicles like Tesla, smart robots, and wearable devices like VisionPro, thereby accelerating AI training. It also provides new scenarios and product entry points for AI, as seen in interesting products like Rabbit R1 and Pin.

GM Network aspires to be the largest incentive and communication layer between the real and virtual worlds, with the opportunities in AI-Powered Consumer DePIN just beginning.

[1]The Problem: AI lacks sufficient computing power, data, and scenarios

AI in Web2

AI is undoubtedly the fourth industrial revolution following the steam revolution, the electrical revolution, and the information revolution. Especially after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, AI completely exploded. With the unprecedented growth rate of users for ChatGPT, most consumers suddenly realized how close AI is to them. This also made the combination of AI with most fields inevitable and reasonable. In the era of explosive development of AI, without exception, massive computing power is needed to perform sufficient calculations, more data to help train AI, and more scenarios to demonstrate AI's capabilities. However, the development of AI may currently be limited by:

  • Centralization of computing power and high thresholds
  • Data barriers and absolute monopolies of giant companies
  • Lack of application layers and scenarios, making innovation difficult for startups and facing competition

These reasons have led to AI being monopolized by giants, and most companies lack core competitiveness, whether in terms of products or organizational relationships. This issue will severely restrict the development of AI, especially in inspiring creativity in most small and medium-sized companies. However, after years of development in blockchain, from its early naivety to continuous maturity and improvement, especially from the perspective of incentives and distribution, there is a huge opportunity and value in rebuilding new production relationships and ecosystems, which is extremely suitable for the development of emerging technological fields like AI:

  • Decentralization
  • Permissionless
  • Global 24/7 trading
  • Immutable database
  • Trustworthy distribution mechanisms
  • Unstoppable network effects


2024 is undoubtedly the first year of Web3 + AI. GM Network was born under this background. We believe that the three biggest pain points of AI in the blockchain field come from:

  • Computing power
  • Data
  • Scenarios

And these three biggest pain points all involve hardware. Web3 often refers to IOT (Internet of Things) or hardware as DePIN (Decentralized physical infrastructure networks). When addressing the three pain points for AI, the industry first focuses on the opportunities at the computing power level. Initiatives like IO.NET and Aethir attempt to solve the problems of insufficient and distributed computing power. GM Network believes that beyond the pain points of computing power, greater opportunities come from data and scenarios:

  • Data: Providing AI with more real and accurate physical world data
  • Scenarios: Providing new human-machine interaction methods and entry points for AI

Both data and scenarios are inseparable from consumers, a massive number of consumers. The pain points of AI correspond to the opportunities for GM Network, which is also the core definition GM tries to build: An AVS Layer 2 for AI-Powered Consumer DePIN.

[2]GM Network: The Incentive and Communication Layer Connecting Real and Virtual World

GM Network's goal is to become the largest incentive and communication layer connecting the real and virtual worlds.

Considering that there are now over 2 billion+ smart devices worldwide, and more than 1 million+ DePIN devices, building a dedicated L2 around smart devices is highly valuable. All these devices will eventually be incentivized by GM Token, and through the sustainable mechanisms of GM Network, they will continuously provide real-world data for AI training, breaking down data barriers. At the same time, all incentivized devices (IOT & DePIN) will provide real user scenarios and application opportunities for AI, allowing most consumers to feel the value of AI and experience better AI-powered products.

For this, GM Network's core products include:

2.1 GM Network (Chain)

GM Network, supported by AltLayer and EigenLayer, is the first AVS Layer 2 aimed at consumer DePIN, utilizing OP Stack and EigenDA, focusing on AI-powered consumer DePIN. GM Network aims to provide developers of consumer-oriented smart devices with a proprietary Layer 2 featuring:

GM Network is the first Layer 2 for AVS. We firmly believe in the value of AVS (Actively Validated Services) not only in the DeFi sector but also in consumer-oriented fields such as Social, Gaming, DePIN, and AI. With the masterpieces of AltLayer and EigenLayer, GM Network can flexibly offer security, serve a massive number of DePIN devices and developers, provide stable and reliable blockchain services, and bring a Web2-like friendly user experience.

GM Network not only serves Web3 projects but also, with developer components like GM ID/GM OS, offers a one-stop solution for all IOT device data and asset tokenization, protecting user data privacy and ownership while enabling existing IOT devices with AI capabilities and continuously providing real and reliable data for AI training.

GM Network not only supports the direct deployment of DApps on its Layer2 but also enables more developers to customize their Layer3 according to their needs, allowing for more flexible economic system designs and customizable performance to meet diverse scenarios and requirements.

2.2 GM ID (Component)

GM ID is a modular component that combines Passkey, Account Abstraction, and DID to accelerate the DePIN consumer summer

With the power of GM ID, all developers can offer seamless wallet and DID creation services in their products:

  • Social login: Create an AA wallet using Passkey (Touch ID/Face ID/Optic ID) on any device that supports Passkey, whether it's a smartphone, MR device, or any other.
  • Security and convenience: Log in or recover your AA wallet at any time with the same Passkey (Apple/Google account).
  • Gasless: All gas fees are covered by GM Network, transparent to the user.
  • DID: Your nickname is your DID, no need to display complex EVM address formats.

GM ID is compatible with web, iOS, and Android, easy to use, significantly lowering the barrier for developers, and fully integrated with GM Network to cover all Web3 modules.

2.3 GM OS (Component)

GM OS is an open platform and data protocol within the GM ecosystem, continuously securing on-chain data generated from QuestN and off-chain data from DePIN through ZK (zero-knowledge proofs) and decentralized storage to ensure user data ownership. It standardizes this data to serve AI training.

GM OS has accumulated 10 millions of on-chain data entries from QuestN and serves over 6,000 developers, covering multiple fields from DePIN, AI, Gaming, Social and DeFi. As more consumer DePIN products emerge, the data on GM OS will become increasingly accurate and valuable.

2.4 QuestN (DApp)

QuestN is a On-chain Community Growth and Data Quest Platform. Two years after its launch, QuestN has accumulated over 10 million unique addresses with a DAU count of over 200,000 and MAU reaching 800,000. Users are spread across more than 30 countries and regions. QuestN daily engages a massive user base with numerous quests and campaigns, helping over 6,000 projects with community growth and cold starts, and delivering over 2 million USD in token rewards to users.

As a leading project within the GM Network ecosystem, QuestN will continue to support the community growth, presales, crowdfunding, and product promotion of more consumer DePIN projects.

2.5 GM Launchpad (DApp)

GM Launchpad is an IDO(Initial DePIN Offering) platform for DePIN Devices and NFT sales.

GM Launchpad is a Web3 version of Kickstarter that assists more consumer DePIN projects in preselling devices or NFTs. It has the following features:

  • Referral commissions
  • Adding a percentage of sales revenue to liquidity
  • Multiple token payment options
  • Various IDO models

We hope GM Launchpad can be the first step for all DePIN entrepreneurs, helping them to lower the barriers and costs of user acquisition and making it easier for users to discover fun and useful DePIN devices.

2.6 GM AI (DApp)

GM AI is an AI-Powered Consumer DePIN Killer App.

GM AI is an exemplary application integrated with GM ID and GM Network. Users can mine by validating existing IoT devices or by verifying DePIN devices purchased from GM Launchpad for mining and other operations. GM AI aims to attract users to continuously link more devices through gamified interactions, using the data from these devices to train their AI Agent.

[3]GM, DePIN♾️AI

With GM Network and its array of components and applications, GM aims to become a bridge connecting DePIN and AI, continuously providing AI with:

  • Data: Continuously providing real-world data to AI, such as home, health, and driving data.
  • Scenarios: Continuously providing rich scenarios to AI, such as wearable, voice, vision, and image.

Furthermore, the core metric for GM Network is no longer TVL (Total Value Locked) like DeFi products, but more appropriately TDVL (Total Device Value Locked) for the DePIN ecosystem. Considerations for TDVL include:

  • With more Layer2s and Layer3s, each chain having its own liquidity isn't the most capital-efficient or profitable. Instead, working with more abstract bridges or DEXs can still provide sufficient liquidity for the ecosystem.
  • Non-DeFi Layer2s aren't suitable for TVL metrics and may lead to misdirection. GM Network focuses on how many devices are connected and the value generated by these devices, making the evolution from TVL to TDVL a more rational choice.

Functionalization of NFTs: In GM Network, NFTs are functional assets, where each NFT might represent:

  • An IoT or DePIN device
  • An AI Agent
  • A data package, signifying a collection of data representing certain user ownerships
  • An option right, representing future output at a specific time

Clearly, more NFTs in GM Network means more devices, agents, data, and rights, so the growth of NFTs signifies an increase in the number of devices and network value.

GM Network's network value will show a non-linear growth relationship with the increase of NFTs. As the number of NFTs increases, covering more users and scenarios, the value of the network shows an increasingly steep curve.

This translation outlines GM Network's innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology with real-world applications through NFTs and IoT, emphasizing a strategic pivot from traditional liquidity metrics to a more holistic valuation of networked devices and data assets.

[4]GM Ecosystem: Incubated & Incentivised


GM Studio is the official incubator of GM Network, providing a series of in-depth support and assistance to accelerate the development of AI-powered consumer DePIN products around GM Network. The supports include:

  • 3D and Structural design
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Launchpad
  • Product Support
  • PR and Deep Integration
  • Dual Staking

Any consumer DePIN project can apply to join GM Studio, regardless of whether it has its own tokens or is deployed on other networks. GM Network will evaluate applications based on product goals, user experience, use scenarios, integration with AI, business model, and community popularity. All projects that join GM Studio will also receive additional incentives in GM Tokens and are offered dual staking opportunities and other token-based deep integration plans.


All consumer DePIN projects deployed on GM Network can directly receive the following support:

  • Permissionless
  • Gasless
  • All components available for free
  • Join GN Missions
  • Community Growth
  • Apply GM Studio

Early projects deployed on GM Network will also enjoy additional airdrops and incentive programs of GM Tokens. For more details, please follow the official social media accounts.

[5]GM,AVS & Dual Staking

AVS(Actively Validated Services)
Why AVS?

Before the advent of AVS, the capital and security costs of all Layer2 solutions were very high, as they needed to continually synchronize with Layer 1, which is inherently expensive, making even Rollup costs relatively high (although the Cancun upgrade partially improved this).

After the emergence of EigenLayer and AltLayer, all developers can not only build DApps but also construct their own Layer2 or Layer3 at lower costs. With the security market provided by AVS, developers no longer have to worry about paying high security costs and can continue to focus on their products and user experience.

Modular combinations like AVS completely liberate innovation. Developers can build their own ecosystem around token + DApp + Appchain, offering users a complete, seamless experience while capturing value through tokens. This is why GM Network chose to build its own Layer2 based on AVS. We are very confident in the dividends and value brought by the innovations of AltLayer and EigenLayer, and it will significantly unleash the potential for innovation, accelerating the mas adoption of Ethereum.

How AVS?

With the power of AVS, GM Network can support all consumer DePIN products to deploy their own DApps or develop their own vertical Layer3 based on GM:

  • Whether DApps or L3s, they can utilize the security and scalability provided by AVS without worrying about high costs.
  • As more DApps and L3s are deployed, GM Network will generate more revenue, which will be automatically distributed to GM stakers, ALT stakers, AVS operators, and ETH re-stakers.
  • Vertical L3 developers can flexibly define their own token models and mechanisms, combining innovation and capturing significant ecosystem value.
  • DApps and L3s will receive support and early ecosystem incentives from GM Network, with all L3s receiving modular support from AltLayer.
Dual Staking

The security of GM Network is provided by AVS, where in addition to ETH, security can also be supported through the staking of EIGEN and ALT. With the issuance of GM tokens, in the future, GM will also join AVS to provide security for GM Network staking and simultaneously ensure the security for DApps and L3s built on GM Network.

Stakers of GM, along with ALT stakers, will continuously receive more staking rewards from the ecosystem:

  • Airdrops
  • Staking rewards
  • Profit sharing
  • Inflation benefits from GM Network


  • Ticker: GM
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Network:Ethereum & GM Network


  • GM Token will be used by users to purchase various products and services within the GM ecosystem (such as GM Launchpad and GM AI).


  • Projects within the GM ecosystem can receive GM token incentives by attracting more active users.


  • GM tokens, like other tokens within the AVS, can be used for dual staking to provide security and scalability to the ecosystem.
  • GM stakers will continuously receive more airdrops and incentives from ecosystem projects.


  • GM token holders can vote on governance decisions.


GM Network's goal is to become the largest incentive and communication layer connecting the real and virtual worlds.

GM Network aims to accelerate the mas adoption of Ethereum by building the first AVS L2 for AI-powered consumer DePIN, along with more components and DApps.

The demand for consumer DePIN+AI comes from data and scenarios. To accelerate the emergence of more interesting DePIN devices, GM Network has established GM Studio, an official incubator. We aim to provide one-stop incubation and in-depth support for all projects joining GM Studio, becoming a benchmark application for GM Network.

We hope to see more consumer AI+DePIN devices emerge, from health, voice, vision, graphics, and other perspectives, with innovative smart devices, MR, robots, electric vehicles, etc. All smart devices are fully incentivized by GM tokens and form a massive network effect, accelerating the integration and communication between the real and virtual worlds.

Thanks to the outstanding work of AltLayer and EigenLayer, making GM Network possible.


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